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  • Simple Genius

    Posted on 5 November 2019 about Elite Topcap - Black Hole Titanium by S. Tomalin

    5 stars
    Great bit of kit. Really nicely finished and so light I actually thought they'd sent me an empty envelope by mistake.
  • Poor Stocks

    Posted on 31 March 2019 about Solid Bar Ends (x2) by j. duckworth

    1 stars

    have look for new grips a few times now but what's the point when you can't match the bar end caps colours up?


    Superstar Comment:

    Hello we are discontinuing all Taiwan imported products so these items are discounted to clear while stocks last.

  • Well Made, Good Quality

    Posted on 16 November 2017 about Custom Grip Builder by M. Nesbitt

    4 stars
    The grips arrived next day and are evidently very well made. The components fit easily and the grips (lock on half flange) are very comfortable. If I had to have a gripe about something though, for preference I'd have liked the lockrings to be a matching pair, just to shut my inner OCD up.
  • Best Grips Ever

    Posted on 24 July 2017 about Lock On Grips - Half Flange by R. Alexander

    5 stars
    After trying loads of grips from lizard skins peaty grips, ergon, deathgrips, ODI, nukeproof and a fair few more a friend suggested these and i was really impressed. I've had them on the bike for 7 months and I ride DH 4 to 5 times a week so they have taken some abuse and I've just brought another pair as I've worn them out.
  • Grinder Grips

    Posted on 27 July 2016 about Lock On Grips - Grinder by M. Hallam

    5 stars
    Top quality grips at a bargain price. Easily on par with my usual ODI grips, but at a fraction of the cost! Very grippy and secure, and sure they will last a very long time!
  • Gripping Stuff

    Posted on 17 July 2016 about Lock On Grips - Half Flange by G. Inch

    5 stars
    It's difficult to get excited about a pair of grips, but these half waffle grips are really good. The rubber compound is grippy and compliant, the diameter is perfect for my hands as I prefer a thin grip, and the half-flange design gives somewhere secure for your hands to butt up against and yet still allow free movement of your thumbs for shifting or to access your dropper. Absolutely fantastic v
  • Look Good

    Posted on 4 January 2016 about Lock On Grips - Grinder by l. fortune

    4 stars
    do the job in winter. comfortable and grippy just what u want when the weather turns.
  • Grip For Big Hands

    Posted on 4 January 2016 about Lock On Grips - Excel by l. fortune

    5 stars
    normal size grips are fine in the winter. but when your doing days in the hills bigger lads need grip too and these don't disappoint feel awesome
  • Great Idea

    Posted on 4 January 2016 about Grinder Replacement Grip Cartridges by l. fortune

    5 stars
    cheap too replace and no need to buy the collars .... unless u want too but why save money and buy extra grips.
  • Meatty Grip Replacements

    Posted on 4 January 2016 about Excel Replacement Grip Cartridges by l. fortune

    5 stars
    why not buy full set then spare grips the collars last forever if looked after. save money buy spare grips no brainer.

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