Mick Clarke

5 stars

Posted on 27th, January 2012 about Lockrings (x2)

got the superstar lock rings today,excellent value for money! had already got some ODI grips for bmx from another supplier,but didnt realise you had to buy lockrings seperately.Checked price of ODI lockrings,̏13.99 a pair! needed 2 pairs per bar set,now looking expensive!!! Then was advised to look at superstar products,seen these lockrings and thought they look very similar,ordered yesterday,and turned up this morning,excellent!Now the superstar lockrings didnt fit straight away,all you need to do to the ODI grips is use a file to slightly reduce the diameter of the locking tabs on grips,and lockrings go straight on,even the ODI end caps fit with no mods,nice... So if you bought ODI grips,and dont want to spend double that amount again on lockrings,buy these superstar lockrings instead.They are very,very good value,and the slight mods i had to make took 20 mins tops! And they look the bo##oc#s. THANKS GUYS!