Paul Marshall

5 stars

Posted on 6th, March 2011 about Custom Wheel Generator - Pair of Wheels

I got the DH rims, Switch hubs and black race spokes. Got them to replace some Mavic EX325s that were pretty heavy, have now ridden them down my local DH track and can say that although they arent a lot lighter, I felt faster and they certainly seeemed strong enough to take rock gardens and drops etc. I wieghed them before I put them on and they total 2.2kg ish (without casette or rotors) which is only about 250g heavier than a set of deemax which are more than 3x the price. Well done Superstar! Only one complaint, NO HARIBOS :( Also could you Superstar guys consider making a hub inbetween the Switch and the Trizoid because it would have been something I might have considered.