Simon Spragg

5 stars

Posted on 18th, October 2012 about 10mm Rear QR Through Axle

If you are considering a 10mm through bolt you have come to the correct web site. Stop considering and just buy one of these. SUPERB efficient service from Superstar. The product itself is beautifully made, the cam lever is the first one I have ever found so easy to use and obtain a really tight fit. As for the difference, on my Giant VT frame it converts an already good frame into even better. the back seems to be more connected to the trail, for both climbing technical sections, holds its line brilliantly in off camber sections and downhill is just planted. The VT frame can be slow to react in ultra techie bits, however with this baby out back it livens up the steering to be much more positive. If like me you run ZTR flow rims on Hope pro 3 hubs (12mm through bolt axle ready) buy the Hope hub 48 and hub 50 spacers. If you are considering a new frame now you need not worry about a bolt through system because this really makes a massive improvement to silly QR systems, designed for roadies......