Nice, But Could Be Better

4 stars

Posted on 15th, September 2014 about Chain Breaker Pro Tool (11 Speed) by Simon Collins

I ordered this last week and got the usual excellent next-day delivery from Superstar - they're about the best mail-order company I know in this respect. As a previous review says, this is a hefty piece of kit - definitely a workshop rather than a trail tool. If, like me, you've broken countless cheap chain tools, you'll appreciate something that feels a lot less flimsy and more durable. There are two replacement pins provided in case you do manage to break one. The ratchet handle detaches and has a standard 1/4" hex fitting so you can use it as a ratchet bit driver with the 3, 4, 5 and 6mm hex bits which are stashed in the hollow handle, or with any other 1/4" screwdriver bits you have. The large handle has a nice rubberised finish for good grip. Overall, a pretty good tool for the price, but there is definitely room for improvement here. The ratchet handle could be steel instead of plastic, and I for one wouldn't mind paying a few quid more for this. Of course, because it's a 1/4" hex fitting, it could be replaced with any other ratchet bit driver, but a metal ratchet should come as standard. The bits and spare pins aren't very securely fixed inside the hollow handle and tend to rattle around, which is mildly annoying. But easily the most essential improvement would be the provision of an adjustable backstop to accommodate different widths of chain. I'm scouting around for a suitable hollow bolt to fit in there, but it really wouldn't cost a lot more to include this feature in the tool.