Tony Fredrik Gjessv?g

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Posted on 25th, April 2010 about 10mm Rear QR Through Axle

After drilling, threading, and adding 2 10mm m4 screws (+ 2x2 m4 nuts for stacking) to the oval sides of the end nuts I now have a proper T-handle, and the QR is easy to unscrew whilst out on a ride. Make sure you drill only in the aluminum shell, not the inner steel part of the nuts. Alternatively, get hold of a M10 T-nut. I hope superstar makes changes to the nut in future editions, the DT RWS nuts are easier to unscrew without modifications like this. Weight of the QR axle is ~100gr, i.e. 10mm thru bolt/saint/rws rear hub + 10mm QR axle is only ~30-40 grams up from a traditional rear hub + qr.