Mike Hawtin

4 stars

Posted on 18th, September 2008 about 4 Pack Organic Disc Brake Pads

Just a few words after reading Graeme Aspinall's review. Really sorry to hear you had problems after buying on my advice. We really have used loads of these pads and only had one problem early on with the pad coming away from the backing. I'm assured this was a problem with early batches so time will tell, but so far so good. In terms of durability, like I said I've found them to be great in typical North York Moors winter (and wet summer!) conditions with no problems at all. Maybe there's a compound difference in different batches of pads or maybe it's down to specific local conditions and grit!? I do know of other pads that have worn out in not much more than 50 miles hard riding around Dalby so it's probably not just the SS pads, I do understand your frustration though. It's fair to say that the trade in general aren't keen on SS pads purely due to the price. In the past when we've used other brand pads it's been impossible to get near them on price but at the end of the day each customer can only base their views on their own personal experience. We're just trying some of the sintered pads out so I'll be posting a review in the next few weeks. I'm expecting they'll last longer in varying conditions so might be worth a try? Once again sorry to hear you had a bad experience following my review.