Florijan Stamenkovic

4 stars

Posted on 22nd, November 2012 about Singlespeed Tensioner - Roller Type

Decent, but has a flaw... It does what it says, in that sense it is fine. The construction is overall sturdy and looks reliable. There is one problem. It's a bit hard to explain. The hole in the plate where the skewer bolt goes (the smaller, straight one) is a bit wider then the part of the nut that goes inside it. The part of the nut that stays outside of the plate, and presses onto it, is large enough, but (for no apparent reason) machined. It is machined so that the part that presses against the plate is relatively thin. When using my Halo Hex skewer (no QR), and applying even less then the torque specified, the thin part of the nut buckled. I have had to put an additional steel washer between the nut and the plate, so now it's fine. This is not a huge shortcoming, but it is totally unnecessary. There is no reason for the hole in the plate to be so wide, nor is there a reason to machine the nut so as to weaken it where it's stressed the most. I'd buy it again, though.
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