Kevin Hodgson

4 stars

Posted on 31st, March 2013 about Centrelock Adaptor

To be honest I just couldn't face the extortionate prices of other companies adapters. Most others are ̏25+ I was a bit concerned when I discovered that they rock back and forwards a tiny bit on the hub. This didn't cause any problems over 2 years of use - but I eventually got annoyed enough to come up with a solution. Plumbers tape between the hub and adpater didn't help. So I drilled and tapped an M4 hole into them for a grub screw, and now problem solved. Rock solid. I have no idea whether competitors products suffer from this rocking or not. So good product - but if superstars are reading this then a little locking screw might help. And also you could very easily make a version that DOES fit floating discs - email me and I'll tell you how.