Kevin Lowe

1 stars

Posted on 10th, August 2010 about Kevlar Disc Brake Pads

Went to Morzine France this summer with Standard sintered AVID pads some Quad sintered and superstar Kevlar. I don't proclaim to be the fastest rider but Mr average competent and prepared to be challenged. I found the standard Avid expensive but safe I also found the Quad a safe pad. Safe = they stop they do not over heat the brake calliper on large very steep descents and work for Mr average. Unfortunately I found the Kevlar pads to be a death trap for me and my riding style, they generate incredible heat which cause the brakes to fade and eventually fail. If you ride very fast and brake very hard at the last minute they might work for you but any prolonged dragging on very steep tracks will cause the brakes to be cooked.