Sven Vucic

5 stars

Posted on 20th, March 2014 about 4 Pack Kevlar Disc Brake Pads

Brake setup: Shimano Zee brakes Avid HS1 200/180mm rotors (F/R) originally came with Shimano Resin without radiators In short, they were just as good as the original Shimano Resins. Strong bite and great modulation on both pads (Superstar Kevlar and Shimano Resin), silent in most conditions (see below). Rode them in winter, mud and now in dry hot weather. Excellent performance in all conditions. When wet, will squeal a little but after they get warm or get rid of the water on the rotors, they are dead silent (usually after 1-2 hard braking situations). But small notice - they do wear faster then the original Shimano Resin. Not much faster, but I did change them more frequently. But they are 50% cheaper when you buy them in 4 pack.