Jonathan Singh

1 stars

Posted on 28th, May 2011 about 4 Pack Kevlar Disc Brake Pads

My review is for the Formula R1 / The One pads. Not powerful at all when compared to my stock Formula R1 pads (organic), this is true for both dry and wet conditions. You really have to brake hard with 2 fingers to stop when going fast. Plus they squeal like crazy when braking hard, something I never experienced with my organic pads. The only positive aspect is the very long life of the pad. I bought 4 pairs based on the great reviews!!! Don't know what I'm gonna do with the 3 pairs I have left, probably put them on the rear brake as it does not require as much power as the front brake. Not recommended if you like powerful brakes, you may want to try them if you're only looking for long pad life and don't care about power. I'm switching to genuine Formula 100% sintered pads.