Armin Finkenstedt

1 stars

Posted on 30th, April 2010 about 4 Pack Kevlar Disc Brake Pads

I cannot recommend these pads for the Avid code! Compared to my organic A2Z, which are also quite affordable, the SS kevlar pads do not have more power (I'd say even less), but the durability is really fu**king poor! I've mounted the SS pads on the back brake, and during the time one A2Z pad on the front pad got finished, i needed 3 SS pads on the back brake. I have used follwing pads on the code: Original Avid: too expensive Kool Stop: comparable performance like the Avids, a bit cheaper A2Z organic: cheap, very good performance and reasonable durability A2Z metallic: more durable than the organic ones, but more expensive and a little bit less performance SS Kevlar: cheap, but performance not really top and extremely bad durability. For me the best pads overall for the Avid Code remain the organic A2Z.