Felix Hartman

5 stars

Posted on 16th, December 2010 about 4 Pack Sintered Disc Brake Pads

Use them on both of my Saint breaks. Cheap, long lasting (though not as long as Shimano Saint sintered, but they last longer than any other brake pad) and medium quiet (louder than organic, quiter than Shimano Sinter). On my 7Point freerider I use the Kevlar pads for my back brake, because the frame somehow makes all sintered pads vibrate and haul like a freight trein. Once they are down to 1/3 of their thickness, they tend to get louder. I just exchange them a bit early therefore (bout after 35-40k meters downhill, instead of the 45-50k meters they would last if I used them up till nothing no sinter is left).