Richard Abbott

5 stars

Posted on 26th, May 2010 about 4 Pack Sintered Disc Brake Pads

I bought the 4 pack sintered after trying various makes from CLARKES to original FORMULA and must say that these have been the best for longevity and braking feel. I have been on around 8 rides, 7 of of which had been utter quagmires and the pads have around a third to a half left. I have a mate who has suffered the compound coming away from the backing plate, but as SUPERSTAR quite rightly point out, if you push the pistons in using the pads, as my mate did with a screw driver, some of it came away and later came apart, you can't expect anything else. The price is a bargain so why spend similar cash on one pair, especially in winter, when other inferior pads don't last one ride, you've got be daft. Now ordering some KEVLAR for summer now it's finally arrived!