Nathan Cornish

1 stars

Posted on 19th, May 2010 about 4 Pack Sintered Disc Brake Pads

After warning from a freind who had told me to stay clear of these pads i still went ahead and brought some. They never seem to bed in properly, making savage noice when breaking hard. The when your about a 3rd into use of pads, the pad falls away from its backing plate. This was exactly problem my freind had and cant ask for money back as they had sat in my bag spare for awhile so well past 45 day gurantee :( Superstar Edit - You still have a 2 year guarantee on a product anyway if it is faulty. You need to return them to the warranty department for inspection. The usual cause of delamination is the use of levers to push back pistons and damaging the pads. We can advise on the cause when we recieve them back.