Sven Vucic

5 stars

Posted on 19th, December 2010 about Organic Disc Brake Pads

Had an Shimano SLX disc brake on front, with resin pads. Bought these, came to my country in 10 days (which is very fast), after 60km of driving mainly on the road (it's winter, so didn't go to my favourite trail/mountain many times, only once or 2 times - my favourite trail is a 20km uphill, and round 10km of big descents with a lot of braking, and 10km mild descent) they were bedded in. Same power as original Shimano resin pads. Although I rode them mainly on the road, but in cold and wet weather, but didn't notice any higher wear than on stock Shimano resin pads (which lasted me round 1300-1400km of offroad riding on the front brake), like some reviews were sayin'. So, very pleased, as they were cheap as hell, yet with the same power as original pads. Yet can't tell for sure how long will they last.