Iain Lowther

1 stars

Posted on 27th, April 2014 about Slider Chain Device

This is the worst chain guide i have ever used. I used to run a 3 speed front deraileur as a chain guide until i bought this and i would prefer the deraileur as it held the chain better. The top guide on this is horrible as it only covers one side of the chainring and it lets the chain get down behind the back which jams the chain between the guide and the chain ring. It isn\'t like this only happens now and then either as it happened 3 times within 50m of riding and that wasn\'t even on a proper dh track. So to summarise i have used it for 2 days of riding a total of 6 hours and I have taken it off my bike because i would rather run just a chainring as at least when it comes off i can get it back on without having to take apart a chain guide. Superstar Edit: Hello im sorry you are having an issue, it sounds like you have ordered the wrong guide parts for your needs. if you are not using a bashring on the outside you need to order the non-bash guide type which will totally enclose your chain and solve every problem you state. The guide parts are available as a spare part, or you can fit a bashguard and your guide will work as intended. any questions please drop us an email.