Stuart Burton

5 stars

Posted on 21st, November 2013 about Superstar Sentinel Trail Rim - 32h

Excellent stiff but not too heavy set of rims. Really like the precision they have brought to my bike after riding a wibbly wobbly set of Eastons that were just too light for trail riding. Only gripe and its not the rims fault I struggled to get my On One Smorgasbord front tyre to seat when doing a tubeless conversion I huffed and I puffed and ended up having to put 3 layers of tape on and pump like a madman in the Tyre Pumping Olympics. The rear tyre a Maxxis Aspen went on so easy 1 layer of tape a bit of soapy water 4 or 5 strokes of the track pump and pop pop pop it went on with no leaks. Maybe Superstar could do a tubeless section where people could say which tyres went on easy and others that will make you see stars and swear a lot. Overall love my new rims and they look the dogs danglies.