Richard Pickering

5 stars

Posted on 12th, November 2007 about Organic Disc Brake Pads

Now then, I have come back from Wales at the weekend and have good news on your pads. The weather was wet and windy in Penmachno so really it was perfect for testing the pads. I had a set for the original hope minis on a 165mm disc on the back of a rocky mountain Flow set up for hard cropss country. I bedded them in by doing ten hard stops from max speed. Now the difference with me testing them is that I know I need a bigger disc on the back of my bike. I weigh 16 stone and not made from fat. The disc is under powered for me anyway. BUT the news is good. From the start the pads felt grippy. I am a little wary of this type of feeling though because they don't usually last very long. Initially from the first few miles the pads made the disc squeal in a low pitched rumble but that soon wore off and what I was left with was a pad that lasted the whole ride without feeling like it was grinding away. Even the rotor looked clean and it had appeared to left a residue on the rotor that only added to the power. No word of a lie I have never seen my disc so clean. It gave consistent powerful braking even when wet and gritty. To sum it up Amazing value Excellent performance makes old brakes work much better 10/10 overall. Buy them, they will make you weep for all the money you spent on other inferior pads.