James Learmont

5 stars

Posted on 1st, February 2013 about Hose Fitting Kit Stainless Steel

Worked well for me. I have Formula Oro K18 brakes and wanted to shorten the hoses from the factory. So ordered kit 3 as previous reviewer had success with this & these brakes. This kit is approximately 25% of the price of the official Formula fittings, and appears to be good quality. It is not the same as Formula with copper washers but it appears to work fine anyway. Putting these together is in fact incredibly difficult without the right tools. To start, you have to get the olive on the hose and unless the hose is absolutely cut clean at 90 degrees you'll have no chance. I used a dremel and cutting disk to square the hose as well as long nose pliers to flare one end of the olive a tiny amount to get it on the hose. You then need to assemble everything with considerable force. I really wouldn't want to buy any of the alloy kits because I would be very likely to break the alloy while assembling the thing. Maybe Superstar hose is not quite as fat as the Formula hose I was using, but in the end it was all good!