Andy (Bristol)

5 stars

Posted on 24th, January 2011 about Zephir Stem - 31.8mm - CLEARANCE

Simply an excellent stem for the money. It is no secret that a lot of Superstar items can be bought with other brand names on for a lot more and this is one of the biggest bargains at the normal retail price of ̏45 but we snapped one up for the ̏30 sale price. As usual the quoted weight is bang on and machining and quality is excellent and although very slender is very solid. Be very careful with the textured finish on the back of the face plate - do not let the bars slide around during assembly as it will scratch bars and remove anodising. I would actually use assembly paste to lubricate it a touch during assembly! Two suggestions would be torque values for those who are not sure, either given on the site, as a note or on the stem and how about some additional face plate colour options? If cheap enough I would be happy to purchase additional coloured face plates separately or it would be nice to have the body and face as separate items on a pick and mix type order. The design of the stem is excellent as it with no changes needed so I think it would be safe to start with colour options.