Not As Good As Older Versions....

2 stars

Posted on 11th, May 2020 about Nano-x EVO 2.0 Pedals by A. Ist

This pedals are great price/performance but they are not so durable as previous generations.... They quickly develop play and on top of that pedal body cracks around holes (Superstar won't replace under warranty since they thnik it is crash related.....but it is just bad design in my opinion - I have seen this cracks on more pedals not just on mine). So if you ride regularly and want pedals for more than 1 year look at other pedals.


Superstar comment:

Hello as discussed if you feel its not crash damage please return and it will be inspected under warranty as it will be easy to spot if its impact damage (which isnt a warranty issue). We have no issue in replacing them if its a product fault.