Rock-Sold Performers!

5 stars

Posted on 14th, January 2020 about Element RoadLite V6 Wheelset - UK Made Hubs by j. klanĨar

Bought those for my gravel build, they are tough as nails and excellent for wider tires. The hubs' engagement is excellent but I wish I could make the hub quieter for that feeling of gliding :D Great to see 32 spokes for maximum durability and stiffness. Tubeless was a pain to set up like it always is. I only wish superstar would add the spoke length and tension info so replacement&spares would be easy. It's quite easy to pull the cassette&freehub off for a checkup but when you put it back on the seal doesn't properly seat by itself so you have to take the cassette off the freehub body which is a bit annoying.