Looks Nicely Made But....

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Posted on 18th, February 2019 about Raptor Chainring 76BCD - Narrow Wide by C. Smith

When I came to fit it on my cranks I found that my existing chainring bolts were too small a diameter by fractions of a mm to do up in the self contained threads on the ring. I tried some E13 spares I'd got and even they were too small a diameter. Nothing on sales side of the site mentions you will need alternative single ring chainring bolts to mount this ring and for the money personally I think they should be included. I've contacted customer services and hope that it can be easily remedied.


Superstar Comment:

Hello it quite clearly says they are SRAM M8.5 fitment, as thats the only crankset which currently uses this fitment of chainring. It uses the original fitment M8.5 bolts which we sell as a spare if you dont have any.