Tolerances Far Too Tight!

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Posted on 26th, December 2018 about UK Made Headset - Complete by C. Ogden

Could barely push bearing into cup before it was pressed and once in the bearing had no chance. Was told frame needed reaming, however, a Nukeproof cup and bearing went in perfectly. Similar with the top cover, tolerances far to tight. Would not recommend. Also looking at the facebook page any criticism of superstar isn't taken very well.

Superstar Comment:

Hello we asked for the cup back to check the sizing and have yet to revieve it?

In our experience when this happens it normally is due to the headtube not being prepared correctly. The fit tolerance band is 50 thousandth of a mm, so a layer of paint is several times this and will give a bad fit. Our cups are intentially at the tight end of the Cane Creek headset tolerance specification so you dont get creaks or other problems in future. Cheap headsets are usually at the loose end to make fitting quicker in the factory but are more likely to cause problems in future such as ovalising or creaking.

If you send it back we can give a definitive answer after measuring on our CMM.