You Get What You Pay For

3 stars

Posted on 5th, September 2018 about Nano-x EVO 2.0 Pedals by D. Kubaszewski

Good platform size, but the pins aren't too grippy (they will ruin your shoes though) The descriptions will let you believe that there are two bearing per axle, which is a lie, as there's only one, unless you count bushing as a bearing. They're not really serviceable either, as you might struggle to set the axle back in once disassembled for cleaning. In my case the bearing came loose and refuses to sit back in place. Longevity is on par with the older model - mine lasted about half a year of dry riding, before they started dragging and squealing. Overall, average experience, but for the piece I've paid it was to be expected

Superstar Comment. 

Hello if you look at the cutaway in the video you can clearly see there are 2 bearings and a custom IGUS bushing in each pedal. If you are having problems servicing your pedals please contact us for advice as it is literally a 2 minute easy job to completely strip and rebuild.