Very Good But....

4 stars

Posted on 17th, December 2016 about Stans Fuel Blowout Sale Wheelset - Crest 650b ONLY by S. Popovic

I bought this wheelset on Xmas day 1. What to say, good looking, strong, super freehub sound, but too heavy, 1778 grams. Good wheelset for trail and am, but if you want light XC wheels don''t go for this wheels. There was no declared weight of the wheelset, but I put everything on the paper, Crest rims 380 grams, front hub 200 gr, rear hub 320 gr, spokes with nipples some 170 gr for a wheel. With that calculation it came some 1620 grams and that was O.K. for me. But at the end it is much heavier. Again good wheels and I'm satisfied. Superstar edit: 170g for spokes and nipples seems way under reality and stans quoted weight is somewhat optimistic! Sounds about bang on for real world weight rather than marketing made up weight
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