Won't Be Buying Another Raptor Ring

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Posted on 4th, November 2016 about Raptor Chainring 110BCD Asymetric - Narrow Wide by M. Kovalic

Let me start with the fact that i previously bought 6 different 1/0 chainrings from Superstar and really liked them. Never had any issues with them. I bought new Raptor ring to replace my 44T Wolftooth ring for something a bit smaller on my CX bike and i don'l like it. Firstly, in my opinion 1x rings looks much better with bigger teeth (might not affect chain drop), but it looks better. Secondly, I fitted the ring and when checking the gears in a work stand chain is incredibly noisy in biggest cog still noisy in 2nd biggest and the same in 2 smallest one. On the road you don't really notice noise in 2 smallest ones as you are going fast so there is enough other noise. But climbing in slow speed in the smallest gear. The noise is very loud and very annoying! I compared it to my mountain bike which is set up in the same way 1x10 (11-36) with 1/0 ring and that one is quiet. I wish i didn't waste all that time waiting for a Raptor ring launch and either bought 1/0 CX ring with older cranks or more expensive Wolftooth ring Sorry Superstar but I'm very disappointed with your new Raptor chainring :(


Superstar comment:

Hello im sorry you are having an issue with you ring. I cannot see how there would be any difference in noise between the two designs as the dimentions are almost exactly the same. The tooth height doesnt affect the retention qualities and is purely a styling feature, if you prefer something to look different then its a personal preference and doesnt have any relation to the performance of the part infact it just adds needless weight.

I dont know much about your situation but it sounds like your using a new ring with an old chain/drivetrain, which is the likely reason for your issues.