Knee Pain

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Posted on 28th, September 2015 about Nano-x Pedals by dan

I have the previous gen Superstar Nano pedals which have been mint, didn't cause me any knee pain, gripped really well.. I switched to these and got instant knee pain after half day in the saddle... initially I thought it might be something else (although I've changed nothing else on the bike). So I systematically changed the pedals each ride; everytime I use the new ones the knee pain returns (outer ligaments). Annoying, because they look great but I just can't use them. Perhaps it's the pattern or length of grub screw (I'm running the smallest). My right knee is really bad today, can barely walk up the stairs... I've never suffered from knee pain and I've ridden for YEARS over loads of different pedal types... I'm afraid these are going in the bin and I'm keeping the old Superstar Nanos which cause me no pain.

 Superstar Comment:

Hello im sorry you are having an issue, im not sure it has anything to do with the pedals? The profile and axle system is exactly the same as the Nano pedal, so apart from a few mm longer and wider your platform will be exactly the same as your favorite Nano pedals. i cant see how there is anything which could cause you a problem VS the old model.