3 stars

Posted on 27th, September 2015 about Nano-x Pedals by Lee Mulligan

First of all, well done to Superstar on the packaging! These certainly look the part! Sadly, that's about where it ends on the positives! Fitted these, went on a 14 mile steady ride and within a couple of miles my bike sounded like a mating goose!! Got home, took the pedals to bits and no grease to be found at all! Regreased but not tried them since as I re-fitted my tried and trusted Shimano Saints (fitted out with the studs from these pedals so all was not lost!).

Superstar Comment:

Hello we had identified your issue and solved this on the second batch of pedals. The pedals need a tiny bit of grease wiping on the seal or it will squeak, 2 second job to cure. All current product will not have any issues.