Great Pedals, Shocking Customer Service

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Posted on 24th, September 2015 about Nano-x Pedals by Andy

These pedals were constantly out of stock. Pre-ordered them for mid September delivery. When mid Sept arrived I had to prompt SSC about my order. When arrived I was very happy with the overall package and the quality, apart from the fact that I received 2 right hand pedals. When I enquired about this I was given 2 options; 1 - return them for a replacement 2 - order another set, and return the originals for a refund As a customer why am I required to put right their mistake? And who is to say that they will not get it wrong again? Am currently considering a third option. Return for a full refund, never use SSC again and spread the word about how they don't really care about customer satisfaction.


Superstar Comment:

Hello im sorry you have had an issue. As would have been explained we would re-imburse the cost of returning a faulty issue. Mistakes unfortunately happen and we will rectify any problem you have, the second option was just a way of speeding the process up.