Very Handy Little Tool

5 stars

Posted on 23rd, August 2015 about Y Shape Allen Key Set 4-5-6mm by Simon Collins

This is a very handy tool for general bike wrenching. Since hex socket head bolts are so common on bikes, you can virtually dismantle an entire bike with these three key sizes, and having them all together on one tool saves having to reach for a different tool all the time. The Y shape means that it can't be used everywhere – for instance, the saddle clamp bolt on a micro-adjust seatpost really calls for a straight hex driver. And you'll probably find yourself going back to the traditional L-shaped hex keys when extra torque is needed, say on stubborn pedals and crank bolts. But for low-torque applications, the Y-wrench is great. Nice and compact for taking out and about as well. Top tip – I've marked the 5mm head with a band of orange heatshrink tubing, since this is the size used most often.