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Posted on 4th, June 2015 about Sintered Disc Brake Pads by Carl

been using sintered ss pads for about 10 years now without issue but the last 2 pairs i bought are absolute garbage when warmed up on a long descent they squeal like mad but then stop as soon as they cool down so i know there not contaminated my mate has the same issue with his i wont be using these ever again could just be a bad batch but im not risking it put in another brand much better pad and totally silent i even put my old sram xo sintered pads back in and they were quiet too very disappointed after having used these pads for so long i asked customer service about it and just got a generic email back about pad noise remedies do not buy these pads you have been warned.

 Superstar: Hello rock hard sintered pads will always be noisier than other pads, and the other pads you mentioned were a soft pad hence the cure. I would recomend looking at our kevlar pads for a similar performance.