Nice Thickness And Firmness, But Too Long.

4 stars

Posted on 29th, April 2015 about Lock On Grips - Excel by David Guerra

The Sunline thicks were near perfect grips for me but are now out of production and these have many colour options. The only thing that I don't like is the length. On the one hand (no pun intended) this makes the grip less stable, as it's easier to rotate the central part of the grips, which is farther from the lockrings. And on the other, I have found out that I prefer shorter 130mm grips because it's easier to center the hand on the right position. You just feel the lockrings on each side of the grip and know where your hands are, which isn't possible with these longer ones. They really are longer than necessary, but I like them otherwise so I think I will order some more in different colours and cut them.