Brilliant, But Not Great For Hope E4

5 stars

Posted on 19th, February 2015 about Disc Brake Adaptor by Brakenbury93

I have bought a few superstar adapters over time, all have served me well and done as they say, relatively light and great value. One of the adapters I have is type 8 203mm pm-pm, recently I bought a hope tech 3 E4 brake for the front, although the tech 3 lever obviously made no difference to the adapter, the Hope E4 caliper was a very close fit, so close that the outside pad caught on the adapter and wouldn't move, it took me a while to see what was going on and in doing so I removed the pads and when I went to put them back in the outside pad was resting on the mount preventing them from sitting properly, nothing a metal file couldn't sort until I get the Hope adapters, but maybe something superstar may wish to refine for customers wishing to use that combination without modifying anything. Otherwise another great value product from superstar.