Stu Hamilton

2 stars

Posted on 25th, May 2013 about Plasma Chain Device

Bough this and it was a bit of a disappointment for ̏50, not much of a bash guard comes with it! (None at all) The angle of the arms of the plate are too tight for a Giant Glory, as it is not possible to get the top chain guide over the top of the chainring without the bottom arm hitting against the swing arm of the bike. A load of washers to move it out sorted, thus having to space BB cup out more also, this at the cost of the crank arm not seating as deep on the axle now! I also cannot use the bottom chain guide as there is no room between the swing arm and the plate! The white plastic is a dirt magnet! If I could have cleaned it up and returned it I would have! Overpriced for what it is without a proper bash guard. Otherwise its a usual well made product from Superstar that just lacked design or thought, but again maybe this is just for a Giant Glory!!