Jamie Penny

5 stars

Posted on 17th, June 2012 about Plasma Chain Device - ISCG Only

Had this for a year now, so i figure i should write a review. I am running this on a 68bb with the mounting plate on a TruVativ howitzer bb, it is an an iscg-old. I am running a SRAM X-9 short cage, 9spd. First things first, installing it was a b*tch. It really was. I ended up doing some pretty nifty bb spacer combos (from two bbs) and filing the top guide to get it to fit properly. After that though, it needs very little. People claim it's abnormally loud; I would encourage these people to get white lithium grease (in a tube, not spray) and put some on every say, 15 rides? Its really all thats needed, mine is quieter than my E-13 SRS, and i havent rebuilt the roller ever (compared to the amount of care my SRS needs, thats incredible). The roller has fended off more crap than i would ever expect it to. Its the one part on my bike that has never really needed attention. I have dropped two chains total, I have since lowered the top guide and thats been the end of the problem. Thats it, thats all she wrote. Tts brillant. I would suggest this to anyone, along with their nano flats, headsets, and grips.