Stephen Pearce

1 stars

Posted on 7th, January 2012 about Plasma Chain Device

Very disappointing product from a brand that usually make great products. Fitting was very fiddly and difficult to set up, but once the chain guide was set up and running it was great, quite,low friction and kept the chain running straight and true. First time out on the hill backed up my previous thought, what a great device, or so i though. After about two months of use (about 6 days of DH Riding) the device just stopped working, chain came off on one run and that was it, from then on I've had nothing but trouble. The chain jumps off and skips off at even the slightest bump, at its worst, the chain was falling off every time I turned the peddle. It has ruined what would of otherwise been great days riding. I have tried everything to try and fix the problem, relined the guide, moved the pulleys and cages but nothing seems to work, I have tried to persevere with this product as Superstar usually work really well but I have now removed it from my bike as it simply just doesn't work. A bad product that I would stay away from, spend a little bit more and get a product that works.