Greg Jones

2 stars

Posted on 20th, October 2013 about Disc Brake Adaptor

Quick review: Doesn't hold the caliper in the right position Longer review: As far as brake adaptors go, these are pretty bad. I saw some reviews from people saying they had had problems but just figured they were using a weird setup or something. I'm using Zee brakes on superstars own rotors. I have a Shimano adaptor on the back that holds the caliper in the correct position so that the pads are nicely centred over the rotor's contact area. The Superstar one on the front however holds the caliper too far out so that the top 2mm of brake pad doesn't touch the rotor. I've given it 2 stars because with a bit of filing down, I have got it to the correct position but considering the only thing you really need to get right with a brake adaptor is to get the caliper in the right place, I was very tempted to give it 1 star.