David Hooper

3 stars
I just bought these on a whim as they were on offer. very nice looking lightweight bit of bling out of the box - weigherd them against my bog standard Shimano QRs and these are approx 4oz lighter. BUT when I fitted them, they do not have the same "locking force" and after a ride at llandegla yesterday it got me thinking. A quick trawl of some MTB website forums last night seem to suggest that Ti just aint suitable for the job :o( Although I love the looks and weight saving of these little beauties - I think i am going back to my boring, heavy, but substantial stock Shimano QRs to keep my wheels attached to my frame - maybe these are a weight saving too far? So 4.5 starts for looks and weight, but only 1 star for usabilty - at the end of the day I cant ride on kit that may compromise my safety - sorry.