Raptor Chainring 110BCD Asymetric OVAL - Narrow Wide

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NEW UK Made 12speed Compatible RAPTOR narrow wide chainring range

Alternating narrow-wide profile teeth help reduce sideways movement in rough terrain which normally derails chains. Complex precision machined debris gullies help evacuate mud for all weather performance superior to the competition.

A four bolt 110 PCD asymmetric wide-narrow chainring designed to keep chains securely in place. Compatible with all 9, 10,11 or 12 speed chains, so virtually everything including the new SRAM EAGLE range. These chainrings are designed and CNC machined from 7075 T6 aluminium in our own facility in the UK. By manufacturing products with the highest quality machinery, we can offer market leading quality for amazing value and huge choice of fitment.

NOTE: This DOES NOT FIT Dura Ace 9100, Ultegra 8000 and 105 R7000 but a slight modification can be done due to a change in the crank arm profile (Shimano did this to force you into their rings). A few minutes with a file will sort that! 

This DOES NOT fit Shimano GRX and similar which has stupid non-standard fitment!  

This DOES NOT fit SRAM'S 4 bolt OE cranks (eg S350, Apex OE) which has stupid non-standard angles! 

Why Narrow-Wide?
There is alot of marketing rubbish and myths about narrow wide rings but in effect they are quite simple. Chains are designed to have sideways movement in them to allow for shifting on a cassette, without this they wouldnt shift. If you are running a single ring on rough ground the chain whips around and can twist sideways enough to come off the ring while pedling. This is because the outer links of the chain leave a larger gap and allow the chain to twist off the ring further than a narrow link. A Narrow Wide ring has fatter teeth to correspond with the outer links which prevents this excess sideways movement, and therfore prevents the chain dropping off the ring.

This type of ring doesnt grip the chain, or prevent it jumping over the top of teeth, or other magical marketing claim! Tooth height and shape have no effect on performance as the chain only ever touches a small part of the ring - the bit which wears on the face of the tooth in an old ring.The biggest difference between brands is the complexity of the machining to clear mud and debris which causes wear and reliability problems. Our complex and market leading tooth profile ejects mud much more efficiently than our competitor giving you superior performance in all weathers.


Why go oval?
Ovality of the chainring alters the chain pull ratio throughout the pedal stroke, which basically means it pulls more chain when you have most leverage and less when you are out of the power stroke. This helps smooth out the torque requirements on your legs and evens out your pedal stroke.

Will this break my clutch mech?
You will always have half a chainring of chain engaged so your chain length doesnt fluctuate in reality, so its fine to use with all mechs. You just need to check your chain length is correct.

Do I need a chainguide or a clutch mech?
Not specifically, but for more intense riding styles you may want to add additional layers of security. Any chainguide requires sufficent clearance to cover at the largest point of the ring.

How do I fit oval rings correctly?
Just align the indicator on the inside of the ring with your crank and you are ready to experience Oval smoothness. if you look around the perimeter of the interior cut you will see a small bump to show where the crank fits.

What is the offset of the ring and what chainline?
The offset of a ring is how much it is dished over from a standard flat chainring, it is used to get tyre/frame clearance and also to change the chainline. A standard chainring is 4mm thick with the teeth central to the ring, so a 8mm offset ring is 12mm thick and moves the teeth 8mm inboard of the standard position.
This moves your chainline to suit your requirements and crankset specification. Different cranksets are designed around different offset rings, we manufacture our rings to follow the manufacturers standard chainline/offset. It is possible to alter the chainline from standard but this can lead to clearance issues so we do not offer such parts.

Ive got Boost what offset do i need?
Boost rear hubs are 3mm per side wider than standard. Some manufacturers use a special Boost chainring to move the chainline outwards 3mm to match this, others use standard offset chainrings with a special Boost crank. You need to find out what crank offset type you have and choose the correct model ring to suit.

We offer Boost model chainrings to convert standard cranksets to Boost fitment. If you have Boost offset cranks you select our standard chainrings.

Which PCD do I require?
PCD is the diameter of the bolt pattern, and you need to match this with your crankset dimensions. There are lots of different standards please dont guess, so either measure or contact the crank manufacturer for information. Here is a brief list of common sizes:

64 BCD x4 - Common 4 bolt inner ring
76 BCD x4 Asymetric pattern M8.5 Thread - SRAM XX1
88 BCD x4 - XTR M985
94 BCD x4 - SRAM X01, X1 and GX
96 BCD x4 M8 thread - Some Shimano Triple
96 BCD x4 Asymetric pattern - New Shimano XT M8000, SLX M7000 etc
96 BCD x4 Asymetric pattern M7 thread - New Shimano XTR M9000 M9020
102 BCD x4 - XTR M960
104 BCD x4 - Common 4 bolt mountain bike size
110 BCD x5 - Road Compact
110 BCD x4 Asymetric pattern New Shimano Road Cranks
120 BCD x4 - some SRAM double cranks
130 BCD x5 - Road Standard
144 BCD x5 - Track Rings
Various direct mount spline types as well specific to manufacturer

Please note:

  • Ensure you check fitment suitability before ordering.
  • We cannot accept returns on parts which are used or otherwise marked. You must check you have the correct fitment before attempting to fit, as parts which are not in as new and resalable condition are not refundable or swappable.
  • These chainrings are designed specifically for single front set-up only. They do not have the necessary shifting ramps and will not work with double or triple ring set-ups.



    Ultra lightweight components suitable for cross country racing only.


    Lightweight parts suitable for off-road cross country riding.


    Tough light to mid-weight components designed for off-road trail riding.


    Sturdy components suitable for long off-road descents.


    Ultra-tough components suitable for the harshest conditions and descents.

Tech Specs


  • 36T - 53g
  • 38T - 60g
  • 40T - 68g
  • 42T - 77g
  • 44T - 79g
  • 46T - 95g
  • 48T - 96g

Suitable for 4 bolt 110mm BCD asymmetric crankset with asymmetrical bolt hole pattern. 

Chainring bolts not included, just use suitable length bolts for your setup. The nut is built into the ring on some smaller models where standard bolts are not possible, standard bolt and nut is required for the rest.

NOTE: This DOES NOT FIT Dura Ace 9100, Ultegra 8000 and 105 R7000 but a slight modification can be done due to a change in the crank arm profile (Shimano did this to force you into their rings). A few minutes with a file will sort that!


Check out our new range of chainrings being CNC machined in our UK manufacturing facility. Get a close up view of our high speed aluminium CNC machining centre. Watch the chips fly while we dry machine this part so you can see the cutting in action. normally this would be done with plenty of coolant for longer tool life. This is the first operation of our Raptor ring range manufacturing process hogging out all the excess material to get weight down and make them look super slick.


  • Great Value For Money

    Posted on 3 April 2020 by T. Dunkel

    5 stars
    I bought this to convert my gravel bike to 1x. So far after about 2000 km it is working fine and doesn't show any wear. It is my first oval chain ring and it feels extremely smooth to pedal. During my 2000 km I have had one dropped chain, but I use it with a derailleur with no clutch and no chain tensioner. I find this rather impressive as I have riden quite rough trails and was quite sceptical ho
  • Excellent Value For Money Conversion

    Posted on 19 July 2017 by S. Churchman

    4 stars
    Bought this for my cross bike to convert to 1x. For correct chainline I fitted it inboard of the 105 5800 crank and fitted a spacer to the drive side BB to get correct chainline. If you fit it outboard (where the big ring is) chainline is compromised and when in the lowest gear you get chain drop. The oval works well for me having used one on the MTB. Teamed with Shimano SLX 10spd clutch mech no c