News - V3 Hubs and Wheels - Great value and amazing performance

Posted on 18th, July 2019

At Superstar Components we always strive for better, faster, stronger, while maintianing great value. While we all dream of the best possible performance sometimes we dont have an unlimited budget, so the V3 is based around all the great stuff in the V6 hubs but with an even nicer price tag.

The V3 range of hubs are the perfect balance of strength, weight and performance. Designed with durability in mind, the oversize 60mm PCD flanges give better spoke angles than lesser hubsets for stiffer and stronger wheel builds. Easy change adaptors and huge 17mm rear axles for superior performance.

We have added in all of the features we desired for the perfect hub. Custom seals, Custom bearings, oversize axles, oversize flanges, precision machining all add upto the ultimate hubset. As we are producing these by the thousand we can offer market leading quality for a reasonable price, with long term speares backup direct from the manufacturer.