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  • Titanium Pins For Nano Evo Pedals

    Posted on 4 February 2019

    For when only the best will do - Trick out your Nano pedals with Forged Titanium pins. For the ultimate strength and lowest weight, plus cool white sparks if you clip them fast enough! Choice of natural Titanium finish or RAINBOW crazy. Not your usual titanium either, we only use the finest FORGED 6Al4V Titanium for ultimate strength with optimised grain structure. Weighing in just half a gr
  • Blast Edition Nano Evo Pedals - New Colours

    Posted on 16 January 2019

    The beadblasted pedals were so popular we have introduced a small range of extra colours. All in stealth graphics with the cool matt finish for ultimate subtlty
  • Blast Black Special Edition Nano Evo Pedals

    Posted on 1 December 2018

    We had space on an OE order for another brand to add in a batch of nanos to be bead blasted... get the special finish while they last!