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A standard width pair of lock-on grips with added grip depth and a wider diameter for bigger hands. Manufactured from kraton rubber, they have a bobbly texture for maximum staying power. These grips are supplied with black lock rings and plastic bar plugs as standard, and are fully compatible with our range of lock rings and CNC bar ends.



    Ultra lightweight components suitable for cross country racing only.


    Lightweight parts suitable for off-road cross country riding.


    Tough light to mid-weight components designed for off-road trail riding.


    Sturdy components suitable for long off-road descents.


    Ultra-tough components suitable for the harshest conditions and descents.

Tech Specs

  • Weight: 124g
  • Grip Diameter: 32mm
  • Length of rubber: 128mm



  • Grinder Grips

    Posted on 27 July 2016 by M. Hallam

    5 stars
    Top quality grips at a bargain price. Easily on par with my usual ODI grips, but at a fraction of the cost! Very grippy and secure, and sure they will last a very long time!
  • Look Good

    Posted on 4 January 2016 by l. fortune

    4 stars
    do the job in winter. comfortable and grippy just what u want when the weather turns.
  • Grippy & Cushy

    Posted on 24 September 2015 by Eggs

    5 stars
    Really like these. One of the thickest grips I've ever used for sure so maybe not ideal for smaller handed folk. I like them cos there's a decent bit of cushioning going on with the thick, soft rubber and the nobbles give plenty of traction so no need to strangle my bars. I wear L or XL gloves, usually with thinner palm material and feel the grips are a good match for this. Ymmv of course.
  • Grinders

    Posted on 11 August 2015 by JaMo

    4 stars
    Really nice grip..far better than my stock grip
  • Grinder Grips

    Posted on 30 August 2014 by paul wellcoat

    5 stars
    Got the grinder grips yesterday with red lock rings. Look amazing. Great grip even in Scottish rain. Really comfy.