Inline Simple Seatpost - 34.9mm White - CLEARANCE

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The Simple seatpost offers a 3D forged design - the shaft and head are a single piece of aluminium - to give the post excellent strength. Oval internals trim material and weight, balancing the weight in the points where you need the strength most. It uses a twin bolt in-line head and comes is a 400mm standard length which can be cut to suit.



    Ultra lightweight components suitable for cross country racing only.


    Lightweight parts suitable for off-road cross country riding.


    Tough light to mid-weight components designed for off-road trail riding.


    Sturdy components suitable for long off-road descents.


    Ultra-tough components suitable for the harshest conditions and descents.


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    Strong components, designed to take heavy loads over long distances.

Tech Specs


  • 27.2 - 280g
  • 30.9 - 284g
  • 31.6 - 301g

Bolt torque - 5 Nm

Length 400mm



  • Walter Buis

    Posted on 13 May 2013

    5 stars
    Great seatpost. Did the job, size was exactly 31.6mm, did not slide down. Good value for money.
  • Mario Benc

    Posted on 29 April 2013

    5 stars
    The seat post looks great, price ok, for me it's doing it's job
  • Adrian Lees

    Posted on 1 February 2013

    4 stars
    Delivered the next morning after ordering, using the first-class option. Orange is a little darker than I was led to believe by the other images of orange anodised parts on the website, but other than that seems to be bang-on. Free sweets, stickers and a product catalogue were a nice touch too! Thanks guys!
  • Simone Trombetta

    Posted on 19 January 2013

    4 stars
    This is absolutely perfect both for colour and construction! Good looking, strong screws, minimal obstruction in inserting the saddle! I'd like to have the same a little bit lighter, 50 grams fewer wouldn't be so bad! NICE LOGO!!!!
  • Steven Dunn

    Posted on 13 November 2012

    5 stars
    This seatpost is perfect. IT stays up without over-tightening the QR clamp, and looks great. Why spend more ?