HUB CLEARANCE - V6 Hubset - Pair 32h

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PAIR OF HUBS TO CLEAR - We are emptying the warehouse of wheelbuilding supplies, so these are being sold at below manufacturing cost while stocks last




At Superstar Components we always strive for better, faster, stronger, while maintaining great value. While we all dream of the best possible performance sometimes we don't have an unlimited budget, so the V6 is based around all the great stuff in the V6 hubs but with an even nicer price tag.

The V6 range of hubs are the perfect balance of strength, weight and performance. Designed with durability in mind, the oversize 60mm PCD flanges give better spoke angles than lesser hubsets for stiffer and stronger wheel builds. Easy change adaptors and huge 17mm rear axles for superior performance.

We have added in all of the features we desired for the perfect hub. Custom seals, Custom bearings, oversize axles, oversize flanges, precision machining all add up to the ultimate hubset. As we are producing these by the thousand we can offer market leading quality for a reasonable price, with long term spares backup direct from the manufacturer.

Boost specific geometry design:

The V6 hub was designed from day 1 to be optimised for boost spacing. Boost spacing has the major benefit of building stronger wheels in the rear due to allowing a shallower dish on the freehub side which over the years has become steeper due to wider cassettes. The front can still be improved by making the disc mount spokes shallower by moving out the flange, BUT there is no benefit in pushing the opposite side out to the maximum as this will make the spokes too slack. We design around the correct position for balanced force vectors in axial and radial on both sides of the wheel. The axial forces must balance to achieve dish, and this combined with the target spoke tensions on each side dictates the correct spoke angles for flange positioning.

This means while the front can be swapped from traditional to boost with adaptors, you have to change the dish of the wheel to match. The rear required a completely different hub shell to achieve boost geometry.

V6 Rear Hub Features:

    •    54T engagement - Durable 6 pawl design
    •    2014 T6 aerospace grade Aluminium
    •    High Fill Custom SKF Bearings - Great quality sealed bearings with lots of grease
    •    Custom lip seals for bombproof reliability
    •    Cassette retention freehub seal
    •    Precision CNC machined adaptors to swap between axle types
    •    Boost hubshell option with equalizer flange spacing.
    •    High gloss anodised finish
    •    Weight removal by extensive CNC machining.
    •    6 Bolt disc mount

Manufactured with pride in the UK:

We manufacture our in house UK manufactured hub range using the best technology available. We've installed a state of the art FANUC robot cell to load and unload the forgings into our 16,000RPM Brother MX140, meaning we can make our hubshells 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (want to see more? Check out our manufacturing on the videos tab!) Once CNC machined, we send our hubs off to a specialist in Manchester, UK to be colour anodised, before they're returned to us to be laser etched using our Trumpf high-precision fibre laser. Then they're assembled by our skilled technicians in our purpose built assembly room, packaged up and delivered to you.

Its nice when something special doesn't cost the earth!


Tech Specs

FRONT Wheel build data, using DT spoke calc:

    •    PCD Left - 60mm PCD Right - 60mm
    •    Spoke hole ID - 2.6mm
    •    Flange Left - 22mm
    •    Flange Right - 36mm


REAR Wheel build data, using DT spoke calc:

    •    PCD Left - 60mm PCD Right - 60mm
    •    Spoke hole ID - 2.6mm
    •    Flange Left - 34mm (BOOST VERSION - 34mm)
    •    Flange Right - 19mm (BOOST VERSION - 22mm)