Hose Fitting Kit Stainless Steel

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Premium quality stainless steel fittings for most common/popular disc brakes, for use in conjunction with Superstar Components hydraulic hoses. Each kit includes relevant parts for the brake selected, such as inserts and olives, with parts supplied for both front and rear brakes. Not sure which kit you need? Please consult our Fitment Guide.

Note: Kit 6 is for new formula brakes with 1 pitch thread, Kit 7 is for magura MT brakes with M5 banjo.



    Ultra lightweight components suitable for cross country racing only.


    Lightweight parts suitable for off-road cross country riding.


    Tough light to mid-weight components designed for off-road trail riding.


    Sturdy components suitable for long off-road descents.


    Ultra-tough components suitable for the harshest conditions and descents.


    Components optimized for aerodynamics and speed.


    Light-weight components, designed for maximum performance.;


    Reliable components designed for everyday performance.


    Sturdy components suitable for off-road, CX racing


    Strong components, designed to take heavy loads over long distances.

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  • Tim Wong

    Posted on 9 December 2012

    1 stars
    Kit 2 Banjo doesn't work with Juicy Ultimate brakes. It needs an o-ring rather than a washer to seal properly and prevent leaking under heavy braking. The avid banjo has a recess on each side for the o-ring.
  • Thom Milburn

    Posted on 19 November 2012

    1 stars
    Poor customer service pointing the blame at the consumer. The Master Cylinder nut had the wrong size thread for 2012 formula RX brakes, and this i was told was not their fault. Be VERY careful when you receive your kit to check it is IDENTICAL to the one you need.
  • Jason Fowler

    Posted on 14 September 2012

    1 stars
    Kit 2 does not fit Shimano m985 xtr calipers. The banjo bolts supplied are not long enough.
  • Chris Gigg

    Posted on 31 March 2012

    3 stars
    Just got one of these kits to fit mt avid juicy 5 brakes. I have noticed that you will need to use the orignal bolt for the the banjo clamp, if you use the one Superstar supply, you won't be able to bleed your brakes. Not good!!! I think you need to tell your supplier to go back to the drawing board and produce the correct kit Superstar.
  • Mark Helsby

    Posted on 2 September 2011

    5 stars
    Purchased one of these kits to fit Goodridge hose to Avid Elixir brakes. Outer plastic shieth needs to be stripped back but worked perfect other than this. Much cheaper than buying original Avid fittings.