Hollowtech 2 Installation and Tensioning Tool (Pro Quality)

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A workshop quality installation tool for bottom brackets - Shimano Hollowtech 2, Raceface X type, Truvativ GXP, Campagnolo Ultra Torque and FSA Mega Exo to name some common HTII types.

Long arm provides plenty of leverage
Includes tensioning tool for Shimano type crank arms.
Tough steel construction with ergonomic rubber coating for comfort

Weight: 225g  

Size: 217*78*40mm




    Ultra lightweight components suitable for cross country racing only.


    Lightweight parts suitable for off-road cross country riding.


    Tough light to mid-weight components designed for off-road trail riding.


    Sturdy components suitable for long off-road descents.


    Ultra-tough components suitable for the harshest conditions and descents.


    Components optimized for aerodynamics and speed.


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    Reliable components designed for everyday performance.


    Sturdy components suitable for off-road, CX racing


    Strong components, designed to take heavy loads over long distances.


  • Jason Poland

    Posted on 7 November 2013

    5 stars
    Was originally going to get the park tools equivalent until I saw this at a better price and same functionality. Arrived today and very pleased. Did have an issue with the wrong part being sent originally but an email to customer support resolved the issue immediately. Great company that is now on my short list of preferred suppliers for bike parts
  • Alberto Czapka

    Posted on 24 August 2012

    5 stars
    Made of hard steel, it's impossible to break. The teeth have a careful finish, so it fits perfectly in your BB. The handle is long enough and the grip doesn't slip away. The tensioning tool is hold tightly, so you won't lose it. Good quality, good price.
  • Will Mathias

    Posted on 9 July 2011

    5 stars
    This is such a simple tool, that works so well, and the quality is up to Superstar very high standards. Its the best tool for the job and for the money.
  • Daire O Connor

    Posted on 9 January 2011

    5 stars
    Works great, the tensioning tool clicks on and off the handle so it wont be lost, the teeth are perfectly shaped and grip your BB with no problems. Great product much cheaper than Park Tools version
  • Steven Venn

    Posted on 3 October 2010

    5 stars
    bought one of these to fit my chain device nice product would recommend