Gear Hanger GH-115

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Replaceable alloy rear derailleur mech hanger which will fit various makes and models of cycles. We have a huge range to suit the most common bikes on the market. While we have long lists of possible fitments we unfortunately do not have a database of every bike ever made, and manufacturers often make new models every year, so the best way to identify the correct hanger for your frame is a visual comparison. Please use the search function to help you locate the correct hanger for your frame, Then match your hanger by comparing it with the one pictured.

Precision forged and heat treated to OEM specification, for perfect fit and function. Superstar Components buys direct from the factories who manufacture for the major frame builders.

Superstar Part: GH-115

Compatible with:
Pilo Part: D
Wheels Manufacturing part:


  • Merlin Malt 3

    Posted on 8 September 2017 by P. Hoyle

    5 stars
    Thanks to the previous reviewer this showed up in Google as a fit for my Merlin Malt 3. Less than half the price of one obtained from Merlin (and which are almost certainly no longer available).
  • Merlin Malt 3

    Posted on 10 January 2016 by R. Chambard

    5 stars
    Great fit for my Merlin Malt 3 frame (Merlin stopped selling spares!) - fast shipping, easy to install and come with 3mm hex screws with a less likely to round than my previous OEM hanger.